The origin and custom of the Double Ninth Festival

The ninth day of September is the Double Ninth Festival,

Nine is the largest number in the number,

It has connotations of health and longevity.

The ancients believed that the Double Ninth Festival was a memorable festival.

So there were a lot of commemorative events,

Such as climbing, admiring chrysanthemums and so on.


For the Double Ninth Festival, there are many chanting words.

The Double Ninth Festival originated from the worship of the celestial phenomena and began in ancient times.

It was popular in the Western Han Dynasty and flourished after the Tang Dynasty.

The earliest records of the Double Ninth Festival come from

Ji Qiuji in Lu’s Spring and Autumn Annals:

“(In September) the family is ordered to kill, and the farm is ready.”

“Yes, the great Emperor, taste sacrifice, inform the son of Heaven.”

In the Han Dynasty, the Double Ninth Festival had the custom of longevity.

Miscella of Xijing records:

“On the ninth day of the ninth month, wear cornus, eat bait,

Drinking chrysanthemum wine makes people live longer.”

In the Wei and Jin Dynasties,

The festival atmosphere is getting stronger and stronger.

During the Tang Dynasty, the Double Ninth Festival was made an official festival.

During the Ming and Qing dynasties, the Double Ninth Festival custom prevailed.

To eat flower cake, mountain climbing, very lively!


The custom of climbing heights on the Double Ninth Festival has a long history.

Mountaineering originated from the ancient people’s awe and worship of mountains,

The Book of Rites and Sacrificial Law records:

“Mountains, forests, rivers, valleys and hills can emerge from the clouds,

For wind and rain, see monsters, all say God.”

Ancient people wanted to climb mountains to avoid disasters and pray for good luck.

During the Ming Dynasty, during the Double Ninth Festival,

The emperor will personally visit the Long live mountain to Chang autumn Chi.

Autumn September, the sky is high and crisp,

Climbing high and looking far can achieve the purpose of relaxation, fitness and illness.


The Double Ninth Festival falls on September 9th.

Nine is the largest number in the number,

Ancient people believed that nine has the meaning of “longevity”.

Therefore, the Double Ninth Festival has the custom of longevity,

It is people’s blessing for the health and longevity of the elderly.

Enjoy chrysanthemums and drink chrysanthemum wine

Autumn September is the time for chrysanthemums to bloom.

Since The Three Kingdoms, Wei and Jin Dynasties,

Drinking, admiring chrysanthemums and writing poems have become fashionable at the Double Ninth party.

Chrysanthemum wine,

In ancient times, it was regarded as a “lucky wine” to remove disasters and pray for good luck,

Is the Double ninth Festival must drink wine.


During the Double Ninth Festival, the ancient people still had the custom of wearing dogwood.

Ancient people believed that wearing dogwood on the Double ninth day could avoid disasters and alleviate difficulties.

On this day, people wear dogwood on their arms,

Or ground it up and put it in a sachet, or stick it in your head.

Post time: Oct-26-2023

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