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Charcoal Grill Mesh

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The charcoal grill mesh are widely used in barbecue shops, restaurant, picnic and outdoor camping for barbecue of meat and fish.
The good charcoal is the critical for enjoying a charcoal barbecue, which could burn longer and fire stronger.
When barbecue, replacing your grill mesh, the charcoal fire burning smoke the meat with excellent taste.

The popular size for charcoal grill mesh

Disposable round grill mesh-Flat type
Wire diameter 0.85mm
Mesh 11mm
Size 200mm, 230mm, 237mm, 240mm, 245mm, 250mm, 260mm, 263mm, 270mm, 280mm, 285mm, 300mm, 445mm
Disposable round grill mesh- ARC type
Wire diameter 0.85mm
Mesh 11mm
Size 240mm, 260mm, 270mm, 280mm, 295mm, 300mm, 330mm
Disposable round grill mesh- Convex type
Wire diameter 0.85mm
Mesh 11.5mm
Size 330mm, 300mm, 295mm, 280mm, 270mm, 260mm, 245mm, 240mm, 230mm
Disposable square grill mesh
Wire diameter 0.9mm, 0.95mm, 1.0mm
Size 220*220mm, 225*225mm, 240*240mm, 250*250mm, 280*280mm, 300*300mm
Disposable rectangle grill mesh
Wire diameter 0.9mm, 0.95mm, 1.0mm
Size 155*215mm, 167*216mm, 170*305mm, 170*330mm, 170*392mm, 180*280mm, 198*337mm, 200*300mm, 200*330mm, 210*270mm, 240*300mm, 250*450mm, 260*390mm, 270*175mm, 400*300mm, 400*350mm, 450*185mm
Welded grill wire mesh
Wire diameter 0.95mm
Frame 3.5mm
Mesh 11.5mm
Size 430*340mm, 560*410mm, 890*580mm, 357*253mm
Stainless steel grill mesh
Wire diameter 1.8mm-4.5mm
Frame 2.5mm-5.0mm
Size 25*40cm, 30*45cm, 50×35cm, 40*60cm, 5.90″, 7.08″, 7.87″, 9.44″, 10.23″, 11.02″, 12.01″, 12.99″, 14.96″

The advantage of our grill wire mesh:

1)We are direct factory with best price
2)Our BBQ wire mesh are fine polished, smooth surface and rust resistant.
In the process of barbecue, if the roasting time is too long, the meat will lose a lot of water and oil. Under such influence, the taste of meat will become very dry, which will have a great impact on the taste. Therefore, in order to ensure the delicacy of the meat, the roasting time should not be too long. In the process of roasting, the meat should be kept moist as far as possible. With appropriate seasoning, delicious finished products can be obtained.

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