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With the advantage of saving labor cost to wash and low product cost, The disposable barbecue grill net are highly welcomed by barbecue shop.
Our factory had specialized in disposable barbecue grill mesh manufacturing and exporting over 15 years.
The Products’ quality and timely after-service are all get high reputation in the market.

The recommended products details:

Round grill mesh-Flat type
Wire diameter 0.85mm
Mesh 11mm
Size 200mm, 230mm, 237mm, 240mm, 245mm, 250mm, 260mm, 263mm, 270mm, 280mm, 285mm, 300mm, 445mm
Round grill mesh- ARC type
Wire diameter 0.85mm
Mesh 11mm
Size 240mm, 260mm, 270mm, 280mm, 295mm, 300mm, 330mm
Round grill mesh- Convex type
Wire diameter 0.85mm
Mesh 11.5mm
Size 330mm, 300mm, 295mm, 280mm, 270mm, 260mm, 245mm, 240mm, 230mm
Square grill mesh
Wire diameter 0.9mm, 0.95mm, 1.0mm
Size 220*220mm, 225*225mm, 240*240mm, 250*250mm, 280*280mm, 300*300mm
Rectangle grill mesh
Wire diameter 0.9mm, 0.95mm, 1.0mm
Size 155*215mm, 167*216mm, 170*305mm, 170*330mm, 170*392mm, 180*280mm, 198*337mm, 200*300mm, 200*330mm, 210*270mm, 240*300mm, 250*450mm, 260*390mm, 270*175mm, 400*300mm, 400*350mm, 450*185mm

The process of production:

First step: Wire drawing
Step 2. Surface treatment: wire for galvanizing.
Step 3. Weaving for crimped wire mesh by machine
Step 4. Cutting to Round , square or rectangle type and make edge covered
Step 5. Finalizing the shape
We always insist on “The process are tedious but never slack off”. Every piece of barbecue grill mesh, which you have received had passed our strictly inspection.
Our worker had been worked at our factory over ten years. We believe that they choose us not only because of good benefits but also reliable, honest and consider what they care for. Same as our client, From beginning to now, never give up each other.
发财 212
All above popular size are in enough stock, welcome your orders at any time!
About package, normally 100 pieces grill net are packed with plastic bag and two plastic bags (200 pieces) in carton.

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