Aluminum foil pan for BBQ grilling

Short Description:

Made from premium quality aluminum foil. It’s eco-friendly and recyclable.

  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Silver
  • Shape: Round, Square and rectangle.
  • Safe feature: Freezer safe, dishwasher safe and Oven safe.
  • Size: various size meet different using.
  • Package: 25pcs/carton, 50pcs/carton, 100pcs/carton, 200/carton, 500pcs/carton, 1000pcs/carton according to aluminum foil pan size.
  • Product Detail

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    Production Description

    Disposable aluminum foil pan is conductive, which is perfect for baking pizza, cakes, pie, brownies, cinnamon rolls, lasagna, muffin, mac n cheese, casseroles,
    Disposable foil pan can be used for food packaging hot soup, curry rice, noodles, salad package, instant hot pot ,pork ,steak. Also it is freezer safe , great for meal-prep. Freeze dishes until you’re ready to cook and/or serve.
    The aluminum baking foil pan can make cleanup more easier , perfect for catering and serving hotel, restaurants, bake sales, barbecues, and party.

    NO.01 NO.02 NO.03 NO.04
    Top size:526*325*76mm Top size:526*328*44mm Top size:322*262*60mm Top size:Φ185*40mm
    Bottom size:451*251mm Bottom size:480*278mm Bottom size:258*198mm Bottom size:Φ148mm
    Capacity:9700ml Capacity:5400ml Capacity:3500ml Capacity:650ml
    Turned edge:5mm Turned edge:4.4mm Turned edge:3.2mm Top size:Φ185*40mm
    NO.05 NO.06 NO.07 NO.08
    Top size:225*159*30mm Top size:454*362*85mm Top size:195*103*23mm Top size:258*195*57mm
    Bottom size:190*125mm Bottom size:354*280mm Bottom size:175*81mm Bottom size:212*146mm
    Capacity:800ml Capacity:7200ml Capacity: Capacity:1800ml
    Turned edge:2mm Turned edge:6mm Turned edge:2.4mm Turned edge:2.2mm
    NO.09 NO.010 NO.011 More Size
    Top size:Φ234*46mm Top size:Φ215*41mm Top size:226*110*59mm ......
    Bottom size:Φ200mm Bottom size:Φ178mm Bottom size:177*73mm ......
    Capacity:1400ml Capacity:940ml Capacity:800ml ......
    Turned edge:2.2mm Turned edge:3mm Turned edge:2mm ......

    Product Showing:

    It’s lightweight also very sturdy aluminum pans


    The tin is the ideal cookware for making brownies, cookie and cake desserts. It fits perfectly into your oven and air fryer.


    The Roasting aluminum foil pan collocates grill mesh, which be a good partner for outside BBQ


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